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Let’s Talk Jesus (LTJ) is an open forum for women and women of God to grow in the Lord Jesus and glean through the personal interactions and teachings in the Word of God being revealed by the Holy Ghost.  Let’s Talk involves communication of thoughts, ideas, discussions but the final authority of any/all discussion is measured to the Word of God -- sharing what Jesus says, what Jesus had done, what Jesus can do, what Jesus will do in our lives.  In the Book of Malachi chapter 3 verse 16 it says [Amp.]: “then those who feared the Lord talked often one to another; and the Lord listened and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him of those who reverenced and worshipfully feared the Lord and who thought on His Name.”  

Let's Talk Jesus' Pillars of Standards:

    •Glory in the Home

    •Intercessors in the Church

    •Advocates in the Community

 The women are taught, not only the basics of Who it is that created them, but the essentials of being a lady in Jesus – how to conduct themselves through:  thought, speech, and expressions on a daily basis; in addition to knowing how to handle the “do’s and don’ts” of the woman’s role or position that’s been erected through the traditions of men – inside-and-outside of the Church community.

God the Father is stirring up the hearts of women to understand their uniqueness and creativity as a woman of God, the word of God says “we are fearfully& wonderfully made”. There’s wealth of information or teachings within the Body of Christ concerning the makeup or personality of a woman -- we’ve inspected, dissected, and redirected on this subject; yet still, a lot of women are confused, incarcerated within and have not come IN-TO their full potential or purpose in the Kingdom of God.

Teachings at these meetings have included topics such as:

    •Role of the woman; role of the woman of God;  role of the called woman of God; role of the wife; role of the mother, and First Lady

    •Difference between a woman and a lady (a woman is who you are, a lady is one who bears the attributes of character and poise)

    •Weakness is internal – Temptation is external:  Don’t Mate the Two

    •Discerning the Soul (Soul is comprised of your self-will, mind, emotions, intellect, the flesh)

    •Humanity Carrying the Divinity of God (we are the temple/house of God-He lives in US)

Note:  At these meetings, we want to be sensitive and ALWAYS make room and give-way for the Holy Ghost to move and do what He was sent to do, and that is to minister to the people of God.

For example:  Kate Middleton’s background if we were to compare it to the Royal Family would be considered a “commoner”, her father was a pilot and her mother a flight attendant – she’s from the stock of coal miners.  Kate Middleton married IN-TO royalty, once she became a part of the Royal Family she changed her image, her posture, her attire, her conduct to reflect the kingdom she represents -- she’s been given a “title/name” by the Queen.

We, too, have been given a Name, the Name that is above all names and, we are part of the Royal Family - a royal priesthood --and we represent the Kingdom of the Almighty God.

Meets every Monday Night @ 7:00 p.m.
1793 Vineyard Drive
Antioch, CA 94509

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  • Jan23Wed

    Recap - Past 3 Monday's

    January 23, 2019
    Praise Jesus LTJ Women’s Movement:
    For the past 3 Monday Night Services, the messages have been focused on PAIN, either:
    —physical, OR
    As I gaze over the True Church of the Living/Body of Christ, the majority of the people of God are plagued with suffering in one of these areas throughout the course of their life.  For some, it has caused them to become STUCK as in a rut but acquiring more knowledge of the Word, increasing in works but NOT in revelation of the Word of God to acquire a FAITH to walk-IN their breakthrough or healing from their PAIN.  These emotional traumas has become a cloak they can’t seem to strip or loose themselves from; the majority of the people of God has had a church service EXPERIENCE, BUT have not experienced Christ where there’s a true ENCOUNTER with Christ. We can sit in the House of God and hear message but we are not able to absorb or digest the Word because of the PAIN whether it’s PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, OR SPIRITUAL. Whichever one you’re going through, it will distract you from encountering the Word (also means “CATCH THE WORD”) where you can’t focus.  Then when the Word comes to you, you start analyzing it by thinking something negative to cancel the power of that Word to work for you.  For some, we have the mindset, “I try to believe, I keep praying, I keep reading but nothing happens.”  FAITH AND FAITH ALONE RESPONDS TO WORD OF GOD-HIS INSTRUCTIONS AND COMMANDMENTS! Some might say, “I have faith.”  I can’t answer that for you, let your situation or circumstance answer for itself. However, we have decided within ourselves to believe a part of the Word and not the whole Word.
    —Experience means a direct observation of or participation of something you’re observing;
    —Encounter means to come upon as FACE-TO-FACE with the person or thing 
    WHEN WE HAVE AN ENCOUNTER WITH JESUS, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE DRASTICALLY!  (IT’S NOT AN EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE!) No more priming or encouraging to follow the guidelines of the Word (come to the House of God during services, pay your tithes, go out into all the world and preach the gospel (evangelize your neighborhood), love one another, provoke one another unto good works, etc.). We have a knowledge of the Word but no understanding or revelation of the Word of God, it’s more than quoting the scriptures, it’s the revelation of the scriptures that the gates of hell shall NOT prevail!  Because of the pain some have BECOME tired of serving God, disinterested in attending services, no longer excited or passionate about the things of God, the Word of God seems like a best novel and not THE Book of Life.  We have exchanged WORSHIP to WORKS, we become more excited about our talent instead of fueling our love affair with the Master. Yes, we should be working in the House of God, building and advancing His Kingdom.  What I’m saying is this, we are NO LONGER worshipping God, we are no longer reading His Word at home, we aren’t praying at home, we are thinking of our busy schedules instead of pondering and meditating on Jesus, we don’t love God (we love how He makes us feel, ETC.), we are NOT passionate in gathering two-gether with those of like-precious faith, the life of God in us has been choked by the pain. 
    THEN WE HAVE THE ADAM AND EVE SPIRIT:  The Church blame others or Satan for their disappointments in life, it’s everybody else’s fault, it’s the other person’s fault—it certainly can’t be ME (mindset).  Yes, there’s an adversary loose according to First Peter chapter 5 verse 8, “ . . . Your adversary the devil as a roaring lion walking about seeking who he may devour . . . .” BUT LOOK AT THE NEXT VERSE — (NLT) STAND FIRM AGAINST him AND BE STRONG IN YOUR FAITH!!!! IT SAYS, RESIST, IGNORE!!! SO WE CANT USE THAT EXCUSE ANYMORE, IT’S THE DEVIL’S FAULT-NOOOO. OR, LUKE CHAPTER 10 VERSE 19 (NLT) LOOK, I HAVE GIVEN YOU AUTHORITY OVER ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY . . . .”  

    All this stems from the platform of the PAIN you’re going through! You have to make a decision NOT TO ALLOW THE PAIN TO HOLD YOU PRISONER!  MAKE A DECISION TO LET IT GO AND BELIEVE GOD! WHEN YOU’RE IN PRISON, IT HOLDS YOUR FAMILY IN PRISON AS WELL!
    You have to have a FIGHT IN YOU! Fight the good fight of FAITH!  NOT A FIGHT TO SURVIVE, A FIGHT TO OVERCOME! Don’t give up!  GET UP AND FIGHT! You have to speak the Word by faith into your situation—this is not mental telepathy.  Take the Sword of the Spirit and slay what’s trying to slay you—you have a Sword not a butter knife. Stop going back to the cemetery and visiting what happened to you!
    Scripture references:  Genesis 1; Isaiah 53:4-5, 55:11; Gospel of Matthew 16:18; Gospel of Luke 4:18; Gospel of John 1:1, 3:3, 5; Galatians 2:20; 5; Ephesians 6; I Timothy 6:12; I Peter 5:8-9; 1 John 3:8;

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